Zewar e Taleem Program: How to Register Online and Eligibility Criteria

Recognizing the important role of education in nation-building, the government of Pakistan started to take action to promote education specially for those students who belong to the poverty-stricken area of the population. Unfortunately, due to old-fashioned systems, proper convenience of education is not provided to the girls in our society.

What is Zewar e Taleem Program:

In 2018 the PM of Pakistan launched this program Zewar e Taleem Program for the welfare of girls who cannot afford their education expenses. About 16 districts like Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, Bhakkar, Chinniot, DG Khan, Jhang, Kasur, Khanewal, Layyah, Lodhran, Muzaffargarh, Okara, Pakpattan, Rajanpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Vehari where the schooling system is very low, were covered under this program to provide facilities to the needy or deserving girls.

Zewar e Taleem Program

This Program is designed to provide cash assistance of 1000 RS to affordable girls who are studying in Public schools. This cash facility help in a way like purchasing notebooks, and pencils and to fulfill other expenses of the school. This program is based on sb core features like:

Core Features of Zewar e Taleem Program:

  1. Families will receive financial assistance to fulfill the desired need for education for their children. 
  2. Parents have the right to choose schools whether it is a government institute or a private school where they want their child to have the best learning environment. 
  3. This program involved communities realizing the importance of education and removing social and cultural restrictions which stop a girl and hamper her from attending school. 

Zewar e Taleem Program Eligibility criteria:

The Zewar e Taleem program picks out poor or deserving families to boost their children by providing them with educational opportunities. Families Must need to fulfill the criteria to be eligible for this program to make sure that the amount is reached to those who genuinely need it. The eligibility requirements for this program are as follows:

  1. The program is eligible for those families who are living under the poverty line and are deserving for this program. 
  2. As mentioned in the introduction this program is introduced for the welfare of women empowerment, so only girls are eligible for this program. 
  3. Students who are enrolled in schools from 6-10th class are eligible for this program. 
  4. The girl students who will have attendance in school more than 80% are eligible.
  5. Students who have biometric verification from the education department can easily apply for this program. 

Online Registration Process for Zewar e Taleem Program:

To simplify the Zewar e Taleem Program, the government provides a facility of online registration. This may help to meet all individuals and their needs through one platform. 

The online registration makes for a clear and efficient system for families to register themselves for this program.The girl students who are enrolled and have their biometric verification through their school can register themselves. In case you are enrolled or don’t have any biometric verification yet, contact the school administration office and fill out the form. 

Step-by-step Procedure for Online Registration: 

  1. Visit our website for Zewar e Taleem program online registration.
  2. Applicants who want to register for the Taleem program need to log in themselves on the website.
  3. After the login process, a web portal will open with all information for this program. 
  4. You can register yourself by inserting required information like, family economic status, number of members of a family, and personal identification details.
  5. The application form requires data about a student’s age, name, class, and gender who needs educational essentials.
  6. To check the eligibility status, applicants should upload the required documents such as identity cards, residence proof, and income certificates. 
  7. Once the application form is filled out, your application gets submitted online. 

Facility of Khidmat Card in Zewar e Taleem Program:

The Government of Pakistan has introduced Khidmat Card to simplify the Zewar e Program. You can receive your Khidmat Card after biometric verification through the center in your district. To keep safe from corruption, girls can easily receive the amount of the program with the help of a Khidmat Card to the nearest ATM.

While distributing the Khidmat Card to female students Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif shows his firm belief in the interchanging power of education. In the above, CM proclaims that the Punjab Government is undertaking a war against an injustice system that takes no notice of women’s education. The government promises to create a Pakistani system that provides equal opportunities for men and women. 


This Zewar e Taleem program was introduced with the aim of women’s empowerment and providing facilities to girls for their education. It also aims to remove the line or distance between the privileged and nonprivileged populations of a country. This program contributes to building a more equitable and wealthy nation. The government is providing more and more facilities for men and women employment opportunities to make the future of our individuals and nation brighter. 

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