Ehsaas One Window Program 2023 Registration Online

The Government of Pakistan launched the Ehsaas Program in 2019, an action to promote social welfare in the country. The Ehsaas Program introduced the “Ehsaas One Window Program” as a part of its responsibility to ensure the efficiency and accessibility of various social welfare services for the people of Pakistan. Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Ehsaas one window center in Islamabad on June 19, 2021, where 14 different programs are handled in a single place and office.

It manipulates the program with the faith that no citizen should be left behind, and the benefit of this program will reach all deserving people. There are different desks available in one window center, for example, one window registration center from where you can register yourself for any Ehsaas program.


Ehsaas One Window Program

This one window program is basically designed to provide easy access to information and services, and also provide easy access to the benefits from various government programs like health, education, financial inclusion, and many others. A single platform is given to the individuals by the Government from where we can have all detailed information regarding all programs and services under Ehsaas Programs. 

Ehsaas One Window Program Web Portal:

Whereas the government launched the One Window program office, they also provide the facility and make it easier to check online about all services of Ehsaas program 8171. The Government of Pakistan has created a center called Ehsaas one window online check. You can easily get any detailed information or can avail opportunities to apply online, document verification, educational allowance, interest-free loans, and emergency cash assistance services through one window center. 

This one window web portal from where you can check about your registration and eligibility.  From the One Window web portal, you can check the list of districts and have helpline numbers. You can also apply for any financial assistance program through a digital pass. This one-window program also offers a 40% subsidy on various products like Atta, Ghee, dall, and Oil.

Key Objectives of One Window Program:

Here are some key objectives of the window program:

  1.  Attainability: The main goal of the one window program is to increase accessibility to social welfare services in lower communities. The aim of this program is to benefit those who need it the most by establishing centers in urban and rural areas. 
  1. Effectiveness: The program explores simplified managerial processes, and reduces bureaucratic obstacles and long waiting times. 
  1. Clarity: Accountability and transparency are the most relevant features of the One Window program. The government can closely observe the contribution of funds by consolidating the application and distribution process to make sure that they are reaching the right people. 

One window has various 6 pillars under one roof. These pillars help to solve the problems of poor people under this system. 

  • Ehsaas One Window Centre.
  • One digital window portal.
  • Standardized beneficiary target policy.
  • Integrated digital interface.
  • Integrated database.

One-Stop-Shop: Simplifying Social Welfare Access:

In the past,  while getting help from social welfare programs people faced many administrative problems and had to visit different offices which may take a lot of time and effort. Due to these reasons, many deserving people don’t try to apply. But now things have changed and become easier with the introduction of Ehsaas’s one-stop shop.

 Easy access to various social welfare programs is now possible through this one-stop shop. You can have all the accessibilities under one roof or you can apply for multiple programs like emergency cash assistance, educational funds or loans, etc. from one centre. They operate the paperwork and verification process for you by making it simpler and more effective to receive the help you need. 

Ehsaas One Window Program Digital App:

To keep up with development and advancement in the field of technology one window program introduced its Digital App. The aim of using this smartphone application is to allow citizens by providing them with a convenient interface to access welfare services efficiently. 

Features of the Ehsaas One Window Program Digital App:

  1. Profile Management: User can easily create their own profile and manage their personal information safely. This feature minimizes the chance of fraud because this feature makes sure that only eligible individuals can apply for programs. 
  1. Program Information: This app helps out individuals by detailed information about various programs under the Ehsaas program including eligibility criteria and required documents. 
  1. Application Submission: The user can easily submit his/her application through the digital app and can get rid of the physical visits to the centers.
  1. Notification and Reminder: This app will send you notifications about any important updates and deadlines. 


This Ehsaas One Window program comes out as a glimpse of hope for needy people in Pakistan. This Program ensures that the benefits will reach those who need them efficiently. As the program continues to expand, it looks forward to playing an important role in reducing poverty and promoting a more successful Pakistan for all its citizens.

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