Ehsaas Langar Program Online Registration Check 2023

Ehsaas Langar Program government of Pakistan started the program on October 7, 2019. The ex-prime Minister Imran Khan announced a hunger relief package for the poorest part of society. For the welfare of poor people who cannot afford food at the time and those who are living in other cities due to their work and cannot afford food from outside. The government is fully cooperating with Ehsaas Langar Program through a public-private partnership.

Ehsaas Langar Program Online Registration

The aim of this program is to reduce poverty and hunger. At the start of this program, there were only two langar khana in Islamabad and Rawalpindi but now with the cooperation of public-private partnerships, there are 112 langar Khan across the country in 2 years. This program provides free meals to poor people in different parts of the country.

Ehsaas Langar Program

The purpose or aim of the Ehsaas langar program is to provide free food to the poorest and backward class of society. The government is playing its part in determining safety and quality. Surf meal to the list of privileged individuals. Langar khana is managed by volunteers who are trained to serve meals and cook for the poor. They provide two meals a day which include breakfast and dinner.

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Objectives of Ehsaas Langar Khana:

There are some main objectives or goals of the program are as follows:

  • The objective of this program is to provide nutritious and hygienic meals to unprivileged segments of society to make sure no one goes to bed hungry.
  • The objective is to provide free food to poor people who cannot afford food and are working in other cities. 
  • The objective is to build a sense of community and solidarity among the poor who come together to share a meal.
  • The objective is to provide employment opportunities for the workers who are working in Langar Khana. Most of these volunteers are poor people. Through this program, they had a chance to earn money and develop new skills. 
  • The goal of this program is to raise awareness about the issues of hunger and poverty in Pakistan. 

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Eligibility Criteria of Langar Program:

A criterion is set under this program to make sure that the benefit reaches those who need it the most. The eligibility criteria have been established to serve those individuals who are living in poverty. 

  • Those individuals who are living their lives in unprivileged areas and cannot afford regular meals are eligible for this program
  • Individuals such as widows elderly citizens, daily wage laborers, and those who are working in different cities and cannot afford food from outside are eligible for this program.

How to apply Online for the Ehsaas Langar Program?

There are a thousand people in a city who need free meals under this program so the government makes the process of registration much easier. Now the individual can register themselves online to get a free meal in any Langar khana in the city. 

Step-by-Step Procedure of Online Registration:

  1. Visit the official website of Ehsaas langar khana.
  2. After opening the website individuals need to fill out the registration form.
  3. The applicant needs to provide their CNIC number and contact information 

Further details are required for registration and the location of Langar Khana where they would like to register themselves.

  1. After completing the registration form click on the submit button. 
  2. You will receive a confirmation application and then you can have a meal through this program. 

Offline Registration method:

In case any individual doesn’t have the facility for online registration they can register themselves through visiting their nearest Langar khana. After visiting you need to provide your CNIC and then you will register for the program and can have a meal two times a day. 

Contact Number or Helpline for Ehsaas Langar Program:

If you want to have any information or have any questions about this program you can contact the number below:

  • 0800-786-786
  • 111-729-526


The Ehsas Langar program is a resource for people who are struggling for their lives. The program provides meals to a million people in Pakistan and makes sure that no one goes hungry. This program is an example of collective efforts towards a hunger-free Pakistan. 


1: How to register online for the Ehsaas langar program?

For online registration, applicants need to visit an online official website and register by providing the required information.

2: What is the helpline or contact number for the Langar Program?

For any questions or to have any information you can contact 111-729-526. 

3: What kind of facilities are provided in the Langar Program?

In Langar Khana, they are providing 2 meals a day which are fully nutritious and full of hygiene.

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