Dar-ul-ehsaas Program Online registration 2023

The government of Pakistan has launched many programs under the Ehsaas program for empowerment and to help deserving individuals who are living life under the poverty line. Now the government realises the needs of orphan girls and boys. Such girls and boys cannot live their lives as they want, cannot fulfill their desires, and are living life under the poverty line. Many orphan children don’t have enough facilities to complete their studies, so realizing all of these problems, the Government of Pakistan has launched a program for the sake of deserving orphan girls and boys. 

Dar Ul Ehsaas Program

The government of Pakistan has launched the Dar-ul-Ahsaas Program to support orphan girls’ and boys’ needs and to create a caring and safe place for these helpless children.  The Program basically aims to take care of their basic needs, provide proper education, empower those children, and wish them a brighter future.

Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the giving of 25000 RS to eligible individuals to meet their financial and basic needs. This will boost marginalized communities and get rid of living in poverty. About 51 orphanages are established under BISP. Pakistan Bait-ul-mal manages these orphanages by providing financial support and education support to eligible families. Facilities like education from school to universities, activities, food, medical and health care, clean clothes, and sports are provided to the children and widows or divorced women in orphanages. 

Here are some key objectives of the program:

Objectives of the program:

  • The main objective of this program is to take the edge off poverty by providing financial assistance to deserving families to meet their basic needs.
  • The program highlights the importance of education. The program provides education facilities by offering scholarships and financial support. 
  • This Program aims to provide better health care to orphan girls and boys or deserving families by offering free medical facilities.
  • This program focuses on safe and comfortable shelters for orphans where they can have food, clean clothes, and everything they need. 
  • The program provides vocational training and skill development to older children for their future. This all helps individuals in their chances of finding employment.
  • The program provides emotional support to orphans through counselors and caregivers.  

Dar-ul-Ahsaas Program Eligibility Criteria :

For Dar-ul-Pass Ahsaas the government of Pakistan set criteria. Only eligible individuals are provided by the facilities under this program. The reason behind the criteria is to provide benefits to those who genuinely need them. Only the following individuals are eligible for this program:

  • Only orphan girls, and boys, are eligible for this program.
  • Orphan children aged between 4 to 6 years are eligible for admission in the program.
  • Individuals must belong to poor families, as the program focuses on underprivileged communities or individuals living in poverty. 
  • Those fathers can admit their children to an orphanage who cannot afford their expenses.
  • Women who are divorced and those who are widows and don’t have any financial support or a place to live are eligible for this program and can live in orphanages.  

Dar-ul-Pass Ahsaas program Online Registration:

The government of Pakistan facilitates individuals in the registration process by providing them with an online registration facility. You can check your registration details or the amount of your account through the 8171 web portal. Here is the step-by-step process for applying online for the program:

Step-by-step Procedure for Online Registration:

  • Open the web portal of the Dar-ul-Pass Ehsaas program.
  • Click on the Register Online button. 
  • Fill out the application form with the required information like name, B-form, age, Father’s Death Certificate, or divorce paper. 
  • After inserting all the required information click on the Submit button. 

After submitting the application process if you’re eligible for the program you’ll receive a confirmation email. The staff of the program will conduct an interview. If you’re approved for the program then you’ll be given a monthly allowance or education facilities or you can have admission in an orphanage. 

New registrations for the Dar-ul-Pass program are open. You can have further details about the program through the web portal. From the Nadra data system, a list of needy people is already prepared. You can enter your CNIC and check your eligibility for the program. You can check your Online status from the 8171 portal from the Ehsaas tracking number. 


Dar-ul-Pass Ahsaas Program is an initiative for orphan girls and boys who cannot meet their basic needs and spend their lives in poverty. This program aims to uplift those individuals from unprivileged communities by providing them with facilities and helping them through financial assistance or social support. This may help to make their life better and also create hope in them for a better future. 

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